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Black Sheep 1.3

Chapter 1
1.3 Ancestry: Frantic

“Okay there must be some logical explanation for this.” Tristan said as she stood up and started to pace. Ash was at her heels with every step. “They must have given me the wrong results.” She said. “I mean should I call the police?” she asked. “Do I look for myself on some missing child database?” she wondered. Tristan wished she had never opened that letter. She had to go to work early in the morning and there was no way she was going to get any sleep now. “I should call in I can’t work under these conditions.” Tristan whispered dazed and confused as she sat back down.

“I have no idea who I am anymore,” Tristan said as Ash jumped around down by her feet trying to get her attention. “There is whole other side to me a whole other culture I don’t even know about,” she said. She wondered who her parents were and what they were like. She wondered what events lead her to this confusing and frightening moment. She had so many questions that she did not know how to answer and did not have any money to pay people who could find out.

“Maybe I should just forget I ever saw this and just be okay with the family and life I already have.” She said as her dog jumped up on the couch and lay in her lap. “But what if they kidnapped me?” she exclaimed. “They should go to jail right?” she asked as her dog stared up at her. “Man I wish I had a boyfriend to about all this stuff with.” She said. “No offense Ash.” She said with a smile to her dog that began to lick her face.

“Half Cuban Korean and half black, huh.” She said. “This is fucking crazy I should have paid more attention in Spanish.” Tristan grinned. “Aw who am I kidding I knew I was black and that did not make me pay more attention in black history.” She said. “You know what Ash that actually makes me sad now that I think about it I really learn more about my culture!” She exclaimed. “Maybe tomorrow.” She added as she picked Ash up off of her lap and sat him on the floor.

Tristan got up from couch and made her way to the kitchen. She opened the refrigerator and just stared inside while Ash stood next her sniffing. She wasn’t even hungry she wanted to eat to keep herself busy. “Ooh I have three beers left and I think I will drink them all.” She said as she began to take the beers from the refrigerator. “I can’t believe I have had an entire conversation with a dog I really need some friends.” She sighed as she shut the refrigerator door and went back into the living room.

Tristan sat down on the couch and kicked her feet up. She turned on the TV and popped open a beer. As she engulfed herself in an infomercial she felt even lonelier than before. She thought knowing where she fit in would make her feel like less of an outside, less of the black sheep but it only alienated her more.

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