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Black Sheep 1.3

Chapter 1 1.3 Ancestry: Frantic
“Okay there must be some logical explanation for this.” Tristan said as she stood up and started to pace. Ash was at her heels with every step. “They must have given me the wrong results.” She said. “I mean should I call the police?” she asked. “Do I look for myself on some missing child database?” she wondered. Tristan wished she had never opened that letter. She had to go to work early in the morning and there was no way she was going to get any sleep now. “I should call in I can’t work under these conditions.” Tristan whispered dazed and confused as she sat back down.
“I have no idea who I am anymore,” Tristan said as Ash jumped around down by her feet trying to get her attention. “There is whole other side to me a whole other culture I don’t even know about,” she said. She wondered who her parents were and what they were like. She wondered what events lead her to this confusing and frightening moment. She had so many questions that she did not know how…

Dangerously Obsessed 2.8

Chapter 2 2.8 Hell To Pay: Prettier In Person
Valerie quickly wiped the tears from her face as she stood in front of her parent’s suite. She hated to cry in front of her parents because they always made such a big deal about everything. To them when Valerie was unhappy it was the end of the world. Although their devotion to her was sometimes embarrassing especially when you are in high school and you didn’t picked for school play and your mother has to let the entire school know that you were robbed. Valerie still appreciated their willingness to go to bat for her and she just hoped that when she became a parent that she would be as awesome as they were.
“I hope everyone is decent!” Valerie called out as she opened the door.
Her mother and father started to laugh. “We were about to come looking for you.” Her dad said as he sat on the couch next to her mother flipping through the channels.
“Yeah I am starving.”Her mother said.
“I saw Dante’s cousin in the lobby think he works here or some…

Codename: Bonnie and Clyde 4.9

Chapter 4 4.9 The Art Of Seduction: Why So Serious?
Angelica was extremely nervous, as she got dressed for her outing with the enemy. Her hands trembled, as she got undressed. Her heart began beat faster and her breathing become more and more frantic. There was no way to be sure just what Kimura knew or didn’t know. Kimura was a very cunning and manipulative man. You knew exactly what he wanted you to know when he wanted you to know it no more or no less. Angelica had to be smarter than Kimura was if she wanted to catch him. She had to stoop to his level. Angelica pulled the shortest tight dress from her closet. As she stared at she scrunched up nose in disgust.
“All that hard work training and studying to dominate in a male dominated field and I am reduced to wearing pushup bras and spandex.” She said angrily as she threw the dress onto the bed and put her hair in a ponytail.
Angelica went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. She didn’t want to keep Kimura waiting but she took p…

UnHappily ever After 1.3

Chapter 1 1.3 No Fairytale: Grasp, Understand, And Comprehend
Hye Ra could barely breath as she walked out the front doors of the restaurant and over to the valet. She reached into her purse grabbed her ticket and handed to the young handsome man standing behind the desk. Everything was spinning as she tried to catch her breath. She waited on the sidewalk as cars came and went. People stared and whispered as they passed her. She began to feel weak in the knees. Her body felt hot as she started to sweat.
“Ma’am are you okay you don’t look so well?” The valet attendant asked.
Hye Ra could see the valet’s lips moving but she could not hear a word he said. She caught the gaze of a very handsome man heading into the restaurant then before she knew it her eyes had rolled into the back of her head and went falling to the pavement. The man quickly caught her just before she hit the ground. She lay lifelessly in his arms as people gathered around her.
“Back up give her some breathing room.” He s…