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Shift 2.3

Chapter 2

Asia Tao and The Essence of the Dragon 4.4

Chapter 4 4.4 Malicious Intent: Unlikely Partners
“Nah that sounds crazy.” Giovanni said as he took a bite of his pizza. “Do you know how many things would have to happen for that kind of coincidence to occur?” he asked as he swallowed. “The man is just insane, that’s all there is to it.” He added.
“Just be careful.” Asia said.
“For what we have superpowers what is he going to do to us?” Giovanni asked.
“I don’t know but we don’t know everything about these powers or the history behind them.” Asia said sternly. “And this guy is coming to your house tonight.” She said.
“I know and I’m not worried.” Giovanni said as he showed his claws. “If he try’s anything I will just kick his ass.” He said dismissively.
Asia grabbed Giovanni’s hand and forced it down underneath the table. ”You need to take this seriously.” Asia whispered through clenched teeth. “And you need to be cautious about using your powers, what if someone else see’s you?” she asked angrily.
“So what?” Giovanni asked annoyed.
“So, ever…

Why You Shouldn't Worry About The Haters

People only talk about things worth talking about
Its one thing for people to dislike you but being a hater is on a whole different level. When you dislike people you rarely discuss them or worry about what they are doing. But when you are a hater you are always talking about people and worrying about what they are doing. A hater often lies or spreads rumors as well. I have heard people say everyone doesn’t hate on you some people are just telling you truth but if they don’t know you well enough to talk about you or if you didn’t ask for their opinion then they are a hater.
The good thing about being talked about though is that people only talk about things that are worth talking about. Word of mouth is the best publicity. Now what you are doing may not always be good or amazing because talk about bad stuff too but that’s for you to work out with God not with man. But if you know you are doing something good that God has approved then don’t worry about what people have to say about it.