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How Not To Lose Your Mind

Don't fall in love
Stay away from all electronics with more than an off/on button
Don't ever babysit any kids that aren't yours

Leave home as soon as you are legal

Don't argue with stupid people

Don't talk to stupid people at all

Don't overthink things

Get plenty of sleep


Don't watch the news

Don't try to impress people

Have very few friends (quality not quantity)

Trust no one

Keep your business to yourself

(And last but not least) Stay out of other peoples business

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Guard Your Heart

Proverbs 15:13 say's A merryheartmaketh a cheerful countenance: but by sorrow of theheartthe spirit is broken.
Don't let what's happening on the outside affect you on the inside. You must stay focused on the destination not the journey. You must be who you are and not who people want you to be. Realize that the world is a bad place with bad people and simultaneously a good place with good people. What i'm trying to say is that trouble don't last always.
You must protect your heart from the bad parts of life. You must remain unaffected by the world. Although it is often difficult not to be affected when bad things are happening in your life you must keep your eye on the prize and see the bigger picture. We allow life to change us for the worse then we spend most of our lives trying to undo the change we have allowed to occur. That's why it is important to know where you are going in life and focus on that.

On your journey there will be many detours and road blocks …

Dangerously Obsessed 1.13

Chapter 1 1.13 To Little To Late: Daddy’s Home
Valerie and her family entered the restaurant and were immediately led to an empty booth. “Mom are you sure we shouldn’t go home right now?” Valerie asked nervously.
“For what?” her mother asked. “What’s done is done and I go home now I’m only going to get angry.” She said. “I have all day to be angry right now I’m focused on being hungry.” She added as the waitress handed them all a menu.
“What can I get you guys to drink?” the waitress asked.
“Um I will have a lemonade.” Valerie said.
“Yeah me too.” Valerie’s mother said.
“Let me get a coffee, black.” Ted said.
“I’ll take an orange juice.” Derek said.
“Okay I will give you guys a chance to look over your menus and I will be right back with your drinks.” The waitress said as she went to the kitchen.
“Mom when did you say daddy was coming home?” Valerie asked.
“Next week don’t worry we will have plenty of time to fix whatever Dante did before he gets home.” Valerie’s mom comforted her.
“Wait, so you …

Codename: Bonnie and Clyde 3.14

Chapter 3 3.14 Hotel Hell: No I In Team
“Why did you have to say it like that?” Angelica asked sadly.
“Like what?” Daniel asked confused as he looked up from his menu.
“Like you are disappointed in me.” Angelica said. “I had no choice, I made a decision that saved our lives why can’t you see that?” she asked.
“I do see that.” Daniel replied as he reached across the table and grabbed her hand. Daniel looked deep into Angelica’s eyes with concern. “I just don’t want to lose you.” Daniel said.
“You aren’t going to lose me.” Angelica assured him.
“I came really close tonight.” He laughed nervously. “When I heard you scream and ran outside to see you being thrown into the back of a SUV I thought I was going to lose my mind.” Daniel said. “It was like watching you get shot all over again.” He added. “Then I froze in there with Diego I guess I’m just mad at my self for letting you take the fall for me again.” He said.
“You know its not like that.” She said stunned. “We are partners I’m suppose to ha…

Death Before Dishonor 1.13

Chapter 1 1.13 Mixed Martial Arts: Early Bird
“That’s good idea mom thank you.” Roger said as began to search for the Kung Fu masters number.
“Hey that’s what I’m here for.” His mother laughed.
Roger Ray found the Kung Fu master’s business card in in pants pocket. “Haruto Fujimoto.” He read aloud as he stared down at the card. Roger grabbed his cellphone and began to dial Haruto’s number. He put the phone up to ear as it started to ring.
“Hello?” A soft womanly voice answered.
“Um yes I’m calling for Mr. Fujimoto.” Roger Ray stammered.
“Hold for one moment please.” The woman said.
Roger heard the woman lay the phone and walk away from the phone. A few moments later Roger heard footsteps returning and then the woman picked up the receiver again and said, ”Hello?”
“Yes.” Roger replied.
“May I ask who is calling?’ The woman asked.
“Roger Ray Clemmons I train at Bobby’s Gym.” He answered.
“Oh hi what took you so long to call?” The woman asked.
“Um a lot has happened in the past few days.” Roger said …