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The Bottom 1.10

Chapter 1 1.10 Female Rapper: Make It To Me
“Really?” Alexandria exclaimed with glee.
“Yeah we need to get you in the studio as soon as possible.” James said. “I think you would really benefit if I signed you under a development deal.” He said. “But you would have to move.” James added.
“I’m down to move, where would i have to go ?” Alexandria asked.
“Atlanta.” James said. “You could stay with me.” He said as he gulped down his beer.
“I have a boyfriend.” Alexandria said as she moved away from James. “And I barely know you.” She added.
“Okay you don’t have to stay with me I will set you up in an apartment but under no circumstances can your boyfriend come.” He said.
“How is that going to work?” She asked skeptically. “I mean will you a have a key?” she asked. “Will you come and go as you please?” she asked as she started to get upset. “If I don’t sleep with you will you throw me out?” She questioned.
“Hold up.” James said. “I don’t know what kind of man you are use to but that’s not me.” He to…

Dirty Little Bitches 3.11

Chapter 3 3.11 The Break Up: Dilemma
Aaliyah nervously sat in the back of her father’s limousine. She dreaded breaking things off with Jean Pierre she did not want to hurt him. Then as if tonight wasn’t already going to be difficult Dominic was coming and possibly bringing some skank that he cheated on her with.
Aaliyah definitely did not want to cause a scene at the hottest party this season after all the embarrassment she had previously suffered today. As the limo pulled up to Jean Pierre’s hotel Aaliyah closed her eyes and began to pray for a stress free night. Then she dialed Jean Pierre’s number on her cellphone.
“Hey Jean I’m outside.” Aaliyah said as Jean Pierre answered the phone.
“Okay I’ll be right out.” He replied as they hung up the phone.
Aaliyah decided to text Dominic and see if had found a date before Jean Pierre came down. She did not want to seem jealous but part of her was concerned. Even though Dominic had apologized and came home that was not a declaration of his abil…

Intolerance 1.10

Chapter 1 1.10 Secrets: Be A Man About It
A crowd started to gather around Matthew and Wyatt. “Have you lost your fucking mind?” Wyatt asked as he touched his jaw.
“Yeah.” Matthew said angrily. “I want you to stay away from Imani!” he exclaimed.
“Wyatt what is he talking about?” Heather asked.
“Oh he didn’t tell you?” Matthew asked. “He told my friend Imani that he was going to break up with you for her.” He said.
“Wyatt is this true?” Heather asked confused.
“No Imani’s just my tutor!” Wyatt exclaimed. “And I can go around my tutor whenever I want.” Wyatt said as he pushed Matthew back.
“No that’s over you can find yourself another tutor!” Matthew yelled as he got up in Wyatt’s face. “You are not about to play with her feelings.” He said as they were standing chest to chest.
“Oh yeah and what are you going to do about it?” Wyatt asked challenging him. “Do you want to fight or something?” Wyatt asked.
“Matthew!” Imani called out from behind them. “What are you doing!” she screamed.
Matthew quic…

Where you brought me from 3.11

Chapter 3 3.11 Unequally Yoked: Pretty Woman
“Okay I’m ready.” Jessica said as she stepped out of the bathroom. Hair long black hair was flat-ironed bone straight and she was dressed to the nines. Her make up was done to perfection and she smelled of Chanel no.5. She had on a black one-piece pants suit and a pair of red bottom peep toe heels.
“Its about time.” Kash said annoyed as he walked out of the kitchen and looked at Jessica. “Wow you look amazing.” Kash said in awe. “Do you like the outfit?” He asked.
“Yeah its nice your stylist is amazing.” She said. “Will he be joining us shopping?” Jessica asked.
“Yeah he’s going to meet us at the shop.” Kash replied. “Make sure you grab the jacket he sent over its a little chilly outside.” He told her.
“Okay.” Jessica said as she walked to the bedroom and grabbed her jacket. It was a black leather jacket with gold accents and spikes. Jessica slipped on the jacket and grabbed her purse. “Do you want me to grab your jacket?” Jessica called out.