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Death Before Dishonor 1.2

Chapter 1 1.2 Mixed Martial Arts: Trouble
For the entire ride home Roger Ray was zoned out in a daydream of possibilities. He couldn’t believe that in this day age someone wanted to help him out of the kindness of his heart, not expecting anything in return. Just knowing that a stranger would help somebody like him gave Roger Ray hope.
Roger Ray was from a place where no one gave you anything for free. You had to fight and scrape even for the little things in his neighborhood. No expected you to become anything great they barely expected you to survive. But Roger Ray refused to become a statistic. He refused to follow in his father’s footsteps and end up in prison or a baby daddy to some misguided girl.
Roger had dreams and even though they seemed far-fetched he still believed he could accomplish them. He wanted to be able to tell his mom she didn’t have to work double shifts at the hospital anymore. He wanted to be able to take care of his little sister and niece so she didn’t have to …

Rockcity Rapland 3.3

Chapter 3 3.3 Secrets and Lies: War
It was the next morning and last night felt like a dream. Camilla awoke to the smell of bacon whisking through the air. She slowly sat up in her bed trying desperately to recall last night’s events to make sure they really happened. She was still in shock about what she had done. Camilla never meant to come in between Angelo and Alejandro, it just happened. Now things were going to be even more awkward than they were before.
Camilla thought about skipping breakfast to avoid the awkward looks and silences but as her stomach growled she knew that wasn’t a viable option. Okay Camilla just go down and grab some breakfast then bring it up to your room, she thought as she got out of bed. Camilla slipped on her robe and slippers then put her hair into a ponytail. She quietly crept out of her room and down the stairs. She hoped that Angelo and Alejandro were still asleep and she could creep into the kitchen undetected. But Camilla was very unlucky this mornin…

Karma 1.2

Chapter 1 1.2 Be Careful What You Wish For: Spiteful Scheme
Nicole was furious as she stormed through the parking lot to her car with Carmen at her heels. “Where are you going?” Carmen asked.
“I don’t know.” Nicole replied as she began to calm down. “Do you want to come to my house I got a gallon of chocolate ice cream and some romantic comedies.” Nicole said with a smile.
“Yeah that sounds good.” Carmen replied.
“We can take my car.” Nicole said.
“Great because I don’t have one, my mom was going to pick up me from practice.” Carmen said. “Just wait until I tell her I quit the squad and she doesn’t have to pick me up.” Carmen said nervously. “I’ll just text her.” She said as she got in Nicole’s car.
“Is she going to be mad that you quit the squad?” Nicole asked.
“No not really she only wanted me to join the cheerleading squad to keep me out of trouble.” Carmen said. “That’s why I don’t have a car that was punishment too.” Carmen went on.
“What did you do?” Nicole asked as she started th…