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What is a Christian?

Are you sure you are a Christian? The world is looking at you for guidance are you sure you are qualified to lead? I feel that we have to start to ask ourselves these questions because the people that are lost and looking for guidance are confused by us so called Christians not being Christ like. You are not a Christian because you go to church or because you always telling others what they are doing wrong. Reading your bible or going to bible study doesn’t make you a Christian. Telling the entire world you are a Christian doesn’t make it so either. I googled the definition of a Christian and I found something that I thought summed it up. This is the definition of a Christian as an adjective manifesting the qualities or spirit of Jesus, especially in showing concern for others. Now with the definition alone half of you wannabe Christians are eliminated. I’m not saying this to judge but to informed because when I started to research for this article I realized that I fell short in many…

Codename: Bonnie and Clyde 2.9

Chapter 2 2.9 One of them: Friends in High Places
Angelica was curious. Who is here? She thought. She knew she had to find out. Angelica went over to the bar where Daniel was making drinks. “Who are those for?” she asked. “Kimura.” He answered. “I just heard Akeno tell him that someone was here, its sounds important.” She whispered. “We need to get back there.” She added. “Okay.” Daniel nodded his head as he poured the last drink. He was just about to take the drinks to the office when Han appeared. “I got it” he said taking the drinks from Daniel. “Are you sure? Because I can take it.” Daniel said. “I’m sure, go help Devon.” Han replied.
People started to enter the club and it slowly started to fill up. Daniel and Angelica desperately needed a way into that office. Angelica watched as Daniel cut up more lemons and limes that Han had brought up from the kitchen. Then angelica got an idea she knocked all of the fruit off of the bar and onto the floor. “Oh my goodness I’m so clumsy.” She …

Rockcity Rapland 2.9

Chapter 2 2.9 The One: A Thin Line
Angelo was heated there was no way he was going to let Camilla go on a date with Alejandro. Angelo stormed down the stairs to the kitchen where Alejandro was still standing drinking. “I need you talk to you.” Angelo said angrily. “Okay, but first you need to take some of that bass out of your voice.” Alejandro said as he calmly gave Angelo a displeased look. “Am I supposed to be afraid of you?” Angelo asked. “I’m not trying to frighten you Lo but I am warning you, you need to calm down.” Alejandro replied. “Or what, are you going to fight me?” Angelo asked. “Or better yet are you going to shoot me because you have been doing that a lot lately!” he yelled. “What is this about, Camilla?” Alejandro asked becoming annoyed. “You jealous bro?” he questioned. “Get out of your feelings and out of my face before I really get mad.” He stated as he began to walk out of the room. Angelo punched Alejandro in the side of the head as he walked by. Alejandro laughed, …