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Is He Dead?

Bartolomeo Torelli was a mean and cruel man who relentlessly tormented his wife. Bartolomeo didn’t want any children and he wanted Alessandra all to himself. He was a very jealous man. Today Bartolomeo was extremely mean and drunk. Alessandra had just come home from grocery shopping and was putting up the groceries when Bart decided to go on a rant.
“What took you so long?” Bart asked.
“I was grocery shopping it usually takes this long.” Alessandra answered.
“You lying slut! Where have you been?” Bart asked as he grabbed her arm. “I know you have been cheating!” he yelled.
“I have been at the grocery store, I swear Bart.” Alessandra said as she snatched her arm away.
Alessandra loved Bart, so she put up with his constant yelling but today she was just tired of it. She tired to ignore him and continued putting up the groceries. Bart could tell that Alessandra was annoyed and it aggravated him even more. Before Alessandra knew it he had hit her. Bart had pushed her or grabbed her on several …

Strevvarian Odyssey

“Bespir!, Hursoof!, pack your things!” Gleaffaar yelled as he raced through the house with his brother Arfadaar close behind.
“Honey, what’s going on?” Bespir asked as she ran out of the kitchen.
“Vhatalii and Chokan are dead and me and Arfadaar are wanted for murder.” Glaeffaar replied. “Get Hursoof, we have to go now.” He said calmly.
Bespir ran upstairs screaming her daughters name as Glaeffaar and Arfadaar began grabbing food and water. Glaeffaar and Arfadaar were brothers who both worked in the military. Arfadaar built weapons for the military and trained soldiers in hand- to- hand combat. Glaeffaar was captain of the ship “The Odyssey” in the Strevvarian navy. He was also an admiral and controlled an entire fleet.
Hursoof came down the stairs in tears with two huge suitcases. “Daddy, what’s going on?” she asked. “Where are we going?” she asked while crying.
“Hursoof, calm down and follow your uncle outside to put your things in the car.” He answered her calmly while gazing into her …

Love Again

You never realize how the last one fucked you up until you try to love again
In your arms
Up all night 
Wondering will the pain ever end
Perfect seems crazy 
Too good to be true
Even if you're trying 
All the things he didn't do
Empty inside 
Nothing left to give
Trying hard to live in these moments
Even harder to live
I want you 
I need you
Just words to be spoken
I love your silence
Comfort to the broken
Your actions make me love again


©2014 Aquila Taite

Dog Eat Dog

I know I'm crazy
Unhinged and mean
But I'm not as tough 
As I may seem
I took the beatings
I had to be tough
I didn't breakdown
Even though things were rough
To hear myself 
I had to speak 
I had to fight
Though i was weak
Don't advise me
You don't know my life
You may think you know
But you wouldn't be right
In this crazy world the weak are eaten alive
Know my truth
Only the strong survive


©2014 Aquila Taite


I know what I don't want 
And I can't be convinced otherwise 
Soft lips 
Piercing eyes
Long tales 
I love the way you sound
You make my childhood fantasies linger 
And I'm a dreamer now
Wake up 
I tell myself
This is all just a dream
The things I use to want
Are not as golden as they seemed
I must continue through the open door
And leave locked ones behind
Shame on the these snakes
Poison to my mind
Your words were slick
Your beauty is rare
But you will lead me to trouble 
And leave me down there


©2014 Aquila Taite

48 Hours

“But she did not love you back though Mr. Buckner,” Detective Parks said. “You were stalking her she filed a restraining order against you two weeks before she was murdered” said Detective Parks.

“No, she loved me it was just that new guy she was seeing!” Tony yelled. “He made her get a restraining order against me!” Tony screamed.

“Do you mean her fiancĂ©e?” Detective Parks asked.

Leaping up from his chair in the small interrogation room Tony yelled “She did not want to marry him, he was forcing her to!”

“Again Mr. Buckner where were you on the night that Ms. Ackerman was killed?” asked Detective Parks.

Tony took a deep breathe and slowly sat back down and calmly said “I was at home.”

“Can anyone corroborate your story?” Detective Parks asked.

“No” Tony answered as he looked into Detective Park’s eyes. “I did not kill her, I loved her” Tony said. “I’m telling you her fiancĂ© did this?” Tony screamed.

“Okay Mr. Buckner lets hear your side of the story” Detective Parks said. “Start from…


“That steak was amazing Avery” Miranda said. “You weren‘t lying when you said you could cook” Miranda said with a smile.

“Thanks” Avery said. “Do you want to go for swim in the pool?” He asked.

“No I really should be going” Miranda said.

“Are you leaving already?” Avery asked disappointed.

“Yeah, I got a busy schedule today” Miranda said.

“Its just I have been trying to get you to my house forever and when you finally get here you only stay an hour” Avery said.

“I have to tell you something Avery“ Miranda said as she stood up from the dinner table.

“I don’t think I like the sound of that” Avery said with a laugh.

“I think we should end things.” Miranda said to Avery trying hard not to make eye contact.

“Why?” Avery asked while his eyes welled up with tears.

“I’m just not happy anymore.” Miranda stated.

“So that is it? After a year we are done?” Avery questioned angrily.

“I’m in love with someone else.” Miranda said now staring directly into Avery’s eyes.

“Are you serious!” Avery scre…