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Codename: Bonnie and Clyde 2.2

Chapter 2 2.2 One of them: Unstable Elements
Daniel and Angelica followed the burly bouncer to the back of the smoke filled club. They watched as drunken club-goers danced wildly underneath the pulsating strobe lights in the dimly lit club. They danced to Hip-Hop music played so loudly you could not hear yourself think. Angelica and Daniel pushed past scantly dressed women and overly zealous men until they reached a roped off area which looked like the VIP. 
There behind a red velvet rope sat Kimura and his men on a snow white leather couch surrounded by beautiful women and glass tables. Kimura was drinking a dark colored alcoholic beverage and smoking a cigar while a sexy brunette whispered in his ear. As soon as Kimura saw Angelica he motioned for the woman to move. Kimura’s eyes lit up when he saw Angelica he smiled at her and waved them over. The brunette looked at Angelica and rolled her eyes as she got up and moved to the other side of the VIP area. Angelica smiled back and walked …

Rockcity Rapland 2.2

Chapter 2 2.2 The One: Camilla’s Day Out
Camilla started to search through her closet for something to wear. She could use a little black card therapy she thought to herself. If this was not the saddest time in her life she would happy about two guys fighting for her attention, but right now it was just too much to handle. She hoped Angelo would not think this was an opportunity for him to get close to her. She just wanted to shop and go to nice restaurant for dinner. Camilla decided she would pretend that Angelo was not even there. Camilla grabbed a pair of really short powder blue jean shorts and white cut-off short sleeve top. Camilla laid the outfit on her bed then went into the bathroom to plug up her flat irons. As she plugged up her flat irons she stared at herself in the mirror trying to decide what to do to her hair. She still did not know what shoes she was going where. “I guess I will just where it down” she said aloud as she begin to flat iron her hair. When she finished fla…