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I Know Your Type 2.2

Chapter 2 2.2 The beginning of the end: The Fiancee
Dawn was on her way to work and she knew everyone was going to ask questions when Dylan didn’t show up. Dawn decided she would not even participate in any conversations about Dylan. Sooner or later people would find out she took him to the hospital then they would want to know what they were doing together. Dawn would rather them find out later, way later. Dawn didn’t really want to go into work today she wanted to call in. She knew it would be another day of pretending to solve a crime that she committed. Dawn was so sick of pretending, everyday she wanted to scream out loud and tell everyone it was me, I did it. Not because she felt guilty but just because she was so tired of this case. Dawn pulled into the parking lot of her job and parked. She just sat there in her car thinking in a daze. “Dawn pull it together” she said to herself. Dawn reached into the glove compartment of her car and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. She needed a…

Dirty Little Bitches 2.2

Chapter 2 2.2 Dirty Game: Cat Fight
Aaliyah gathered her things and walked out of her new office to the elevator. As Aaliyah approached the elevator she could see Raquel standing in hallway talking to a co-worker and giving Aaliyah the evil eye. Aaliyah just ignored her and continued to get on the elevator. Aaliyah stepped on the elevator and pressed one for the lobby. As the elevator doors began to shut Raquel ran up to the door and stuck her arm through the doors. The elevator slowly opened back up and Raquel got on the elevator with a crazy look in her eyes. She kept glancing over at Aaliyah not saying a word. “What Raquel?” Aaliyah asked. “Why do you keep looking at me?” Aaliyah asked angrily. “Bitch, ain’t nobody thinking about you” Raquel answered. Aaliyah laughed and asked “Bitch?” As if she was trying to see if she heard her correctly. “You heard me” Raquel said. “Yeah I heard you but are you sure that’s what you wanted to say?” Aaliyah asked calmly. “Yes, Bitch!” Raquel screame…

Where he brought me from 2.2

Chapter 2 2.2 Faith: Family Reunion 
As Jessica walked out of the building a limo was waiting to take her home. The limo driver opened up her door and handed her a small box. "This is a gift from Mr. Torelli" he said. Jessica smiled and grabbed the box as she slide into the limo. As the driver shut the door Jessica opened up the small neatly wrapped box. Inside was a credit card with her name on it and a note. Jessica unfolded the note and read it. The note said go shopping the card has a ten thousand dollar limit love Kash. Jessica softly knocked on the window in the backseat to get the drivers attention. The driver rolled down the window and said "Yes ma’am". "I want to go shopping do you know of any nice places?" she asked. "Yes, Mr. Torelli instructed me to take you to fifth avenue" he answered. "He has already called ahead" he said. Jessica was impressed and excited she always dreamt of shopping at places like that. Kash just kept o…

Asia Tao and The Essence of the Dragon 2.2

Chapter 2 2.2 The Other Guy: Connected
Asia had no idea what to wear to school she wanted to look cute when she saw Jerry at school. She had gone through five outfits when her aunt yelled its time to leave. Just a minute! Asia said as she scrambled for another outfit. She finally settled on this three quarter sleeved form fitting ankle length blue dress.  She added a thin brown leather belt her wooden earrings and some floral wedges. She grabbed her book bag and purse then ran outside to the car. When Asia went outside she didn’t see her aunts car, she figured it must be in the garage. She walked around to the garage and opened the door she didn’t see her aunt. There was two cars in the garage her aunts cherry red convertible 69’ Shelby mustang and a pink range rover. She searched the yard for her aunt but she couldn’t find her. Aunt Angela! She yelled. Her aunt popped out of the range rover startling Asia with a set of keys in her hands. How do you like your new car? Her aunt asked her…

Codename: Bonnie and Clyde 2.1

Chapter 2 2.1 One of Them: Prove Yourself
Daniel grabbed his clothes then went back into the bathroom to began to get dressed while Angelica put on her make up.  As Angelica put on her ruby red lipstick she wondered how Kimura would test them. He was known for making outrageous requests to test potential employees. Kimura was a very paranoid person, years of  crime had made him that way. He also had a very interesting family background. He was abandoned by his mother when was ten years old and left with his older brother who sold him to the mob to pay off his gambling and drug debt. Kimura worked for the mob as a drug dealer and a bodyguard for the previous mob boss until he was twenty-one when his boss died and he took over. Kimura was the youngest ever mob boss to the Chan family. Soon after he took over he became known for being merciless. Angelica just knew that whatever she and Daniel had to do was going to make her hate herself in the morning. “You ready yet?” Daniel called from t…