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Asia Tao and The Essence of the Dragon 2.1

Chapter 2
2.1 The Other Guy: Fatal Attraction

The sun peeked through the blinds in Asia’s room signifying the coming of morning. It was early and Asia could feel the heat of the sun on her face as she lay in her bed. She had barely gotten any sleep. Thoughts of her conservation the night before with Jerry  lingered on her mind. She and Jerry had talked for hours and they had made a date for Saturday night. Asia couldn’t wait to go to school and tell Soo Yun about Jerry. Then she remembered Chris, how he fell from that building and died. She had just met Chris and he was gone just like that. She had to figure out how and why he was killed. Asia stared up at the ceiling and took a deep breath. Okay Asia its time to get up, she said to herself.

She stumbled out of the bed and into the bathroom. She fumbled around with the toothpaste and finally managed to get some on her toothbrush. Asia started to brush her teeth as her vision started focus she glanced in the mirror. Ahhh! She screamed. She didn’t have a reflection, she couldn’t see herself Asia was invisible. Okay Asia don’t panic she spoke aloud frantic. There’s no way I can go to school like this! She yelled. Her aunt ran down the hallway peeking in every room screaming Asia where are you! In the bathroom aunt Angela she said. What? Where? Her aunt asked confused. I’m right here I’m invisible! Asia cried. Just calm down and take a deep breath her aunt said calmly. Asia started to relax and her hands appeared. Then Asia’s arms reappeared, her body came back into view part by part. Now get dressed you’re going to be late for school her aunt warned. I hope nothing weird happens at school today, I would hate to have to explain burning hands or being invisible she thought. But little did Asia know someone finding out about her powers would be the least of her worries today.

Another person was having a rather eventful morning too. He woke up to smell of perfume and the visions of a beautiful girl. He had the funny feeling he knew her but he had never met her before. He could see her, he could smell her, he could taste her lips, and he could even feel her. He felt this keen almost fanatical attraction to her. He knew he had to meet her, he knew he had to have her. It was like he was an animal that was on her trail, he was the predator and she was the prey. Why her? He wondered. There had to be a connection to her and what was happening to him. He hurried to the bathroom to get a shower. This had to be another power he thought because he undoubtedly knew for some reason that his senses would lead him right to her, to the girl of his dreams.

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Asia Tao and The Essence of the Dragon (Book Trailer)

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