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Rockcity Rapland 2.1

Chapter 2   2.1 The One: The Only Girl in the World
Angelo started to run after Camilla but Alejandro stopped him. No, let me Alejandro said.  I think you have done enough he said as he walked out of the room. Angelo just stood in Alejandro’s bedroom feeling horrible about the way he acted. He wanted to apologize to Camilla for being such a jerk. Angelo walked slowly into the hallway trying to be quiet as he tiptoed to Camilla’s room. As he approached her bedroom door he could hear her sobbing. Then he heard Alejandro say it was going to be okay. Angelo looked into the room to see Camilla sitting on the edge of her bed with her back turned to him and Alejandro sitting next to her. I’m sorry Alejandro said as he wrapped his arm around her, pulled her close and held her in his arms. Angelo stood in the hallway not saying a word, just watching. He didn’t know what to say sorry just didn’t seem adequate enough. Take a shower and get dressed Alejandro told her. I’m going to give you my credi…

One of a Kind

You say the most beautiful things in the simplest of ways And now i see beauty in the simplest of thangs  Everything is irrelevant when i look in your eyes  You made a young silly girl become so wise When the make-up is off and its late at night  We can see our flaws in dimmest of light  I hope that we get old and gray  And i will love you forever til the end of my days You make me better You changed my life Gave an empty heart The will to write And when i sit with my pen and pad I think of you The good and bad  You stand next to me That's no easy task I'm a handful Super bad Heavenly devised  To be my lyrical equal When we are together The combination is lethal I'm blind to the boys Because he gives me diesel Hail to queen Got me feeling all regal You can't fuck with the original So there will be so sequel


© 2013 Aquila Taite

I Know Your Type

You are what I despise
Lips dripping lies
A big ego 
Over sexually immortalized
Wanted by many
Fabulous life I don’t know you But I know your type You look familiar
You all are the same
Thats why i don't bother to call you by name
Whispering love
To capture a heart
And when its your grasp
You rip it apart
You are always wrong
But you feel so right No I don’t know you But I know your type You will tell me what I want to hear Get what you want And then you'll disappear Beautiful stranger
Your intent is clear
You'll only love me for the night
You say aren't like other guys Well I don’t know you But I know your type


Aquila Taite © 2012


You hurt me As if I can’t feel it I can't hide from your words In my pain You break me down body and spirit I can't tell if i'm in love or insane I’ll never heal these wounds Their internal Thats why i continue to bleed Tell me I’m crazy If i'm angry Tell me I’m stupid If i'm right Tell me you love me If you fuck up All in one days night I just can’t take it I’m going to lose it If i'm not what you want What are we doing? That greed will consume you You want everything you can get You will lose your diamond In all this shit Water and soap Can’t wash this away I tried to forgive you But you're just to stained


Aquila Taite © 2012

Creating the Monster

You told me that you loved me With a mouthful of lies I fell for those lips In my heart and my mind To drunk on love to believe my own eyes In my drunken stupor I made logic of out of no sense You made me a monster Love made me a bitch You said that you wanted me While those sad eyes cried With each tear that fell a piece of me died I couldn’t watch you in pain So I returned Now I’m maimed by the lessons I have learned I should have never put my guard down You knew my weakness You gained my trust You used my secrets against me Betrayal divided us You were the fire I got burned Now I’m tortured by the lessons I have learned You created a monster PreviousNext

Aquila Taite © 2012

Lost and Found

I was never suppose to understand love
There are no lessons to be learned
There was no reason for anything
It just was what it was
All there is, is war among us
The blood flows like tears
We know not grace or mercy
The forgiven never forgive
There is no right time and place for things
You bend until you break
Then you try and mend the pieces
While piling on the hate
We just are, what we are
People don’t change
We just look for acceptance
A reason to stay the same
Yours guns 
Blaze the night sky
Your words 
Challenge my faith
Always pointing fingers to put me in my place
What’s the meaning of it all
What are we fighting for
I was lost in a daze
With no will to live 
I feared the grave that you would put me in 
In that dark hole you left me
Fighting to leave
I found strength
I found wisdom
On the precipice of defeat 
The day I lost you
Was the day I found me


©2013 Aquila Taite

No Room for Love

How could you have ever loved me 
With a heart that forgets so soon
A heart that cant forgive 
Is a heart that’s void of room


©2013 Aquila Taite

I Fell in Love with the Devil and He Put Me through Hell

The clouds gathered
Then came the rain
I looked for shelter
You let me in
It was warm there and peaceful
Until I met your companion
That liquid monster
Your only friend
Devil man
With the soulless eyes
You lured me in 
With your well versed lies
You drowned me
Held me under water
I tried to breathe
But the water kept coming in
As I reached up to grab the edge
Yours hands pushed down onto my head
And as I take my last breath
I drift into a dark abyss
There was only me there
And the sun began to shine


©2013 Aquila Taite

I Know Your Type 2.1

Chapter 2 2.1 The Beginning of the End: Changing Faces
Dawn arrived at the hospital with Dylan hunched over in the passenger seat. She had to call someone to get him out of the car on a stretcher. Dylan looked like he was in bad shape as the nurses pulled him out of the car. As the nurses rushed him in the hospital Dawn followed closely behind. They took Dylan straight to the ER and asked Dawn to stay back and answer some questions. What’s the patients name and your relation? The nurse asked. Dylan Curtis and I’m just a friend Dawn answered. Who is his next of kin? The nurse asked. I’m not sure , he has a fiancĂ©e her number is probably in his phone her name is Meredith she said. He has his phone Dawn added. Okay thank you ma’am the nurse said and walked to the back where Dylan was. Dawn was happy because she knew they would call Meredith and she would come running right into her clutches. Meredith would be right where she wanted her to be. Dawn sat around for an hour but the hospital wo…

Dirty Little Bitches 2.1

Chapter 2 2.1 Dirty Game: Checkmate
"Okay everyone is dismissed, get back to work" Mr. Rojas said. "Come on, I’ll show you your office" he said as he leaned over and whispered in Aaliyah’s ear. They waited until everyone had left the meeting room then Mr. Rojas led Aaliyah to her new office. The office was enormous she could see why everyone wanted this job. Her dad went over to her new desk and called her new sectary. "Can you bring in folder with the list of perks, contracts and the job duties" he said over the intercom. "Yes sir" the sectary answered. "I know you basically know how to do this job but I am still going to go over some things" he said as he looked at Aaliyah seriously."I know the reason you wanted this job but you still have to do well and take it seriously" he added. "Dad I will" Aaliyah said as the sectary walked in and handed her father the folder. Mr. Rojas handed Aaliyah the folder and said "…

Where He Brought Me From 2.1

Chapter 2 2.1 Faith: When one door closes….
Jessica and the other contestants had been in the lobby for almost half an hour when Kash came to call them to the back office. They all slowly rose up from their seats slowly and in a single file line followed Kash to the back. He lead them to the office where all the judges with serious looks on their faces. As he opened the office door they all entered and sat on one side of the rectangle table as the judges sat on the other. Kash followed them in and sat beside the other judges. 
Okay Kash said. We have made a decision and I’m sorry Lyric you didn’t make the cut Kash said to the other female contestant. If head back to the lobby the receptionist has a nice gift bag for you he added. As lyric got up from her chair she looked very disappointed, she said thank you for the opportunity and left the room. As soon as she had left the room Kash turned back to the others contestants. Otis Lee he said as he looked at the male contestant. We chose you…

The Thrill of Us

Break my heart to pieces
Pain I never ever felt
No rhyme
Or no reason
I was better by myself
The thought of you leaving
Left nothing else
Just painful memories
Of a heaven through hell
Love me 
You love me like never before
Severe addiction 
Begging for more
When its good its good
But when its bad its bad 
The thrill of the chase
The best I ever had
I can see through the flames
I can see clearly now
You are my everything
You’re just bringing down
Dipping me in sorrow 
And wringing me out
Filling me with love
My cup overflows
The thrill of the rollercoaster
Watch how this goes
Tell me 
Is this love
This pain that I feel
Are you in it for the long run
Or just for the thrill
Love is deadly
Your words can kill
The silence is deafening
Your heart still speaks
The spirit is willing
But the flesh is weak


©2013 Aquila Taite

Asia Tao and The Essence of the Dragon 2.1

Chapter 2 2.1 The Other Guy: Fatal Attraction
The sun peeked through the blinds in Asia’s room signifying the coming of morning. It was early and Asia could feel the heat of the sun on her face as she lay in her bed. She had barely gotten any sleep. Thoughts of her conservation the night before with Jerry  lingered on her mind. She and Jerry had talked for hours and they had made a date for Saturday night. Asia couldn’t wait to go to school and tell Soo Yun about Jerry. Then she remembered Chris, how he fell from that building and died. She had just met Chris and he was gone just like that. She had to figure out how and why he was killed. Asia stared up at the ceiling and took a deep breath. Okay Asia its time to get up, she said to herself.
She stumbled out of the bed and into the bathroom. She fumbled around with the toothpaste and finally managed to get some on her toothbrush. Asia started to brush her teeth as her vision started focus she glanced in the mirror. Ahhh! She screamed. Sh…

Who Am I

Who am I?
Can I be defined
Define my soul
In peace of mind
Kill my hopes and dreams
Pain you know me well
Devil man
Took me straight to hell
Who am I?
Am I that tortured soul
I’m young at heart
But growing old
I know what the future holds
Sweet misery
The darkness was gift
That I never understood
Lying to myself
Was it ever really good?
Looking back on my life
The days were all just well lit nights
I never knew myself
Did anybody else?
It was all for you
But who am I?


©2013 Aquila Taite

Codename: Bonnie and Clyde 1.14

Chapter 1 1.14 Terrible Twosome: Initiation 
Daniel and Angelica purchased their guns and ammo, then went back to the hotel to get dressed. "What do you think I should wear?" Daniel asked Angelica as they pulled into the hotel parking lot. "Did you buy anything dressy when we went shopping?" Angelica asked. "Like a dress shirt and slacks" she added. "Yeah" he answered as he pulled into a parking spot. "Wear that and your Rolex" Angelica said. Angelica and Daniel were suppose to be career criminals and she wanted to make sure that they looked successful in that career field. There were two kinds of criminals ones that were good and ones that got caught and if you wanted to do business with Kimura you couldn’t be the latter. With this particular job Angelica and Daniel had to be triple agents. First they were the law, second they were club employees and then they had to be criminal masterminds looking for an in with the richest and most no…

Rockcity Rapland 1.14

Chapter 1 1.14 The Business: Battlefield
It was morning and a little ray of sunlight shone through the crack in the dark draperies. As Camilla woke up from a sound sleep she noticed Alejandro was still asleep. Camilla could smell the aroma of waffles and bacon in the air. She slowly crept out of bed being careful not to wake Alejandro. She quietly tiptoed across the room to the door and opened it slowly. Camilla softly walked out of Alejandro’s bedroom into the hallway and gently shut his door. As soon as she shut the door she looked up to she Angelo with a baffled look on his face. “What are you doing coming from out of my cousin’s room this early in the morning?” He asked. Camilla just stood there silently not knowing what to say. “Wait, did you guys hook up?” He asked enraged. Before Camilla could deny his allegations Angelo stormed into Alejandro’s room. Camilla quickly ran after him trying to stop him from getting to Alejandro. “Wake up!” Angelo yelled as stomped across the room to…

I Know Your Type 1.14

Chapter 1 1.14 The Itch: The Ex
Dawn stepped into her bedroom, she saw Dylan laying there completely naked not even covering himself with the sheets as he finished his cigarette. His dark hair was wet from sweating and his skin was damp. “Are you thirsty?” Dawn asked. “Yes parched” he replied. Dawn sipped the untainted wine in her right hand as she walked over to him and then handed him the poisoned glass. She watched with glee as he gulped it all down. Dawn slowly slide back into bed underneath her satin sheets. Dylan snuggled up close to her and wrapped his arms tightly around her. Dawn wanted it to always be like this, and soon it would she thought. After I kill his fiancĂ© he will be mine forever Dawn thought as she drifted off to sleep.
It was the next morning but barely day the sun had just begun to rise and Dawn could hear vomiting in the next room. Dawn quietly got out of her bed and grabbed her robe from off of her dresser. She tiptoed across her bedroom floor into the bathroom w…

Dirty Little Bitches 1.14

Chapter 1 1.14 Best Frenemy: Who’s the Boss?
Aaliyah and her father pulled up right to the front of the building. They waited quietly as the driver came around to open their door. As the driver opened the door Aaliyah stepped out of the car and took off her shades then put them in her purse. She waited for her father to get out the car then they walked into the building together. Aaliyah couldn’t hide her excitement she had the biggest smile on her face as she got onto the elevator. Aaliyah pressed the button to the seventh floor. As she watched the numbers in the elevator slowly change she began to think of how angry Raquel would be. The elevator finally reached the seventh floor and the doors began to open. Aaliyah stepped out of the elevator arm and arm with her father. The entire office stopped what they were doing to gawk and whisper. She knew they were wondering what the bosses daughter was doing here and Aaliyah was excited for them to find out. She followed her father past Raque…