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Asia Tao and The Essence of the Dragon 1.14

Chapter 1 1.14 Ancient Artifacts: Hard Evidence
Asia knew she had to think of a way to prove Mr. Santos or someone else was involved in Chris’ Death. Mr. Santos could possibly be in on it with someone. It was wrong that Mrs. Calvin was going to be blamed for Chris’ death. She was such a nice mild-mannered woman how could anyone ever think she was capable of murder. at least that’s how she seemed Asia had only met her today. But she didn’t want to think about it tonight all she wanted was to forget while the warm water showered down over her body. She let herself get lost in the shower. She thought about Jerry and how cute he was. Asia decided she would call Jerry before she went to bed. She also thought about her developing powers and how dangerous they seemed to be. But she didn’t think about Mr. Santos or Chris it was too much. She thought nothing but happy thoughts.
Asia stepped out of the shower feeling amazing. She grabbed her cellphone off of the sink and went through things in her…

Codename: Bonnie and Clyde 1.13

Chapter 1 1.13 Terrible Twosome: Up in the Club
One of Kimura’s men went to grab Angelica but before he could Kimura put his hand up to stop him. Feisty, I like Kimura said. I’m glad you grabbed your boy I didn’t want to damage his handsome face she said with a smile. Bitch! The guy yelled and raised his hand to hit her. Daniel grabbed the guys arms and bent it behind his back in one quick swoop before he could hit Angelica. Watch yourself he told him. Hey I told you to chill! Kimura screamed. Daniel let the guys arm loose as he saw the guy beginning to calm down. What’s your name doll? Kimura asked as he lit a cigar. Chanel Smith and this is my husband Carter Angelica said as reached out to shake his hand. Kimura grabbed her hand and kissed it. I think I’m suppose to meet with a Chanel and Carter Smith Kimura said. That would be us Daniel said as he shook Kimura’s hand. I like you two, why don’t you two come by the club tonight so I can get to know you better Kimura said as he smiled a…

Rockcity Rapland 1.13

Chapter 1 1.13 The Business: Who do you Love?
Alejandro was livid, he went back down the stairs to find Angelo sitting there alone. What are you doing up? He asked Angelo as he opened the refrigerator. Nothing I just can not seem to get to sleep he answered. Alejandro poured himself a glass of milk then went back upstairs. He stopped at Camilla’s bedroom door and knocked. As soon as Camilla opened the door he yanked her by her wrist and dragged her to his bedroom. What are you doing?! She yelled. We need to talk he replied. He pulled her inside his room and shut the door. Then he got down on his knees and said be my girlfriend. Camilla started to speak but he cut her off. Listen I know I don’t deserve you but I’ve loved for a long time and I’m sorry that I made things the way they are between us he said as his held her hand is his. Please I will do anything you want just give me a chance he pleaded with her. Tears formed in Camilla’s eyes as she stared down at Alejandro. I’m sorry but n…

I Know Your Type 1.13

Chapter 1 1.13 The Itch: Sick Dylan unbuttoned his shirt as he got closer to the bed and to Dawn. He slowly took off his shirt and threw it to the floor. As he made his way to the bed Dawn turned around so he could unzip her dress. He lifted up her long back hair and placed it over the front of her right shoulder then he slowly unzipped her dress. Dawn rose up to her knees as Dylan peeled off her dress and threw it on the floor next to his shirt. She turned around to face him while he gazed down at her slender toned frame. Dawn was beautiful with her long jet black hair and big dark brown eyes. She a single butterfly tattoo on her right hip that was extremely sexy. 
Dawn looked deep into Dylan’s eyes while she played with the tongue in her mouth. Then she reached up and grabbed his face with both of her hands and kissed him passionately. Dylan held Dawn’s waist tightly, his hands getting tighter the more excited he got. His hands rose up her back to her bra clasp and he unclasped it effo…


Starving for attention
Maybe I’m an attention whore
Because every time you say you love me
I only wish you’d love me more

I’m transparent
I wear my heart on my sleeve
Maybe I’m invisible
Nothing’s here so you leave

Do I have to scream?
Maybe I should yell
Tell me can you hear me?
Or am I talking to myself?

Maybe I’ll pout
Then I’ll cry
Tell me would you miss me?
If I lay down and die

Yes I’m angry
Did you even have to ask?
Asking all these questions
But I never answer back

What’s wrong you ask me
Haven’t I said it all before
Is this all you can give me?
Because I’m starving for more

Is there any use of talking?
Will you really change?
Same ole’ conversation
Same damn thang

That’s why I’m silent
That’s why I’m mad
That’s why I don’t care
Would you care if had?

I’m starving for attention
Maybe I’m an attention whore
Because every time you say you love me
I only wish you’d love me more


©2013 Aquila Taite

Dirty Little Bitches 1.13

Chapter 1 1.13 Best Frenemy: Line in the Sand
Aaliyah wanted Raquel to believe that she had won. That would give her time to really demolish Raquel. Aaliyah didn’t take kindly to threats and because Raquel had threatened her she was going to do way worse than just firing her, she was going to make it where she could never get a job in the magazine world again. Raquel should have just accepted it when I had her fired and got another job Aaliyah thought. With her record she could have gotten a editor  position at any magazine in the world, but she could not just let things be Aaliyah thought. “Okay, honey I got her the editor position back her” father said with a look of confusion on his face. “Thanks dad, don’t worry I can handle this” Aaliyah replied. 
Aaliyah and her father finished brunch and rode to the office together. While in the car on the way to the office Aaliyah called Pamela her and Raquel’s mutual friend. “Hi Aaliyah are you back?” Pamela asked as she answered the phone after…

Where He Brought Me From 1.13

Chapter 1 1.13 More Than What We Are: Winner
Jessica rode the elevator up to the fifth floor to Kash’s office. As she stepped off of the elevator and walked up to the front desk she continued to turn heads. “Hi, I’m here for the writing competition my name is Jessica Kealoha” Jessica said to the girl at the front desk. “Okay, just have a seat in the lobby with the rest of the contestants” the sectary told her as she checked her name off of a list. Jessica walked over to the lobby and sat down with her lyrics and music in hand. She was so nervous as she looked around at the other contestants. They all looked so serious but more worried about who she was than anything. Jessica was in awe of the impact that an expensive dress and shoes had on people. The competition was afraid of her before they had even heard what she could do. Kash was an intelligent business man and Jessica thought to herself maybe he had a reason for sending her his car and this fabulous dress. She was definitely makin…

Asia Tao and The Essence of the Dragon 1.13

Chapter 1 1.13 Ancient Artifacts: Clue
Asia finished dinner and began clearing the table. She wanted to try the homework thing again before it got to late but her mind was racing now more than ever. You know you aren’t in this alone her aunt reassured her. I’m here for you whatever you need you can come to me. Thanks aunt Angela she replied. She wanted to tell her the feeling she had about Mr. Santos and his weird behavior but she decided it was better to dig a little more first. Well I’m sorry your first day was so horrible, I mean your first day a student commits suicide. A football player at that her aunt said as she shook her head. I feel bad for his parents. Yeah I know Asia agreed. I feel bad for his girlfriend she is a horrible person but to lose your boyfriend like that, and you know that’s going to be all anyone is talking about tomorrow Asia said.  
Asia’s cellphone started to ring, she ran to get it out of her purse. It was Soo Yun. Hello Asia answered. Hey are you watching th…

Codename: Bonnie and Clyde 1.12

Chapter 1
1.12 Terrible Twosome: Never Send a Man to do a Woman's Job
Your old hungry ass Daniel joked. We are going to have to come back and get dressed too he said the guy only has a few free minutes Daniel said. Daniel and Angelica went back out to their car to go and meet their weapons connect. The weapons guy was a police informant named Dice who owned a pawn shop in downtown Miami and most of Kimura’s guys shopped there. I’m driving this time Daniel said as he jumped in the drivers seat. Angelica nodded and got in the passenger seat. Daniel drove sixty miles per hour the whole way there through the back streets of Miami. 
When they pulled up to the pawn shop the parking lot was filled with cars. There was about four SUVS parked in front. What’s going on? Angelica asked. I thought business hours were over she said. I don’t know let me check it out he said as he grabbed his Glock from the glove compartment. Daniel got out of the car and put his gun in his back pocket. As he stepp…

Rockcity Rapland 1.12

Chapter 1 1.12 The Business: Secret Meeting 
Angelo tossed and turned all night long, he kept dreaming about Camilla. He didn’t know what it was about her that he couldn’t get out of his head. Maybe Angelo was so infatuated with Camilla because he could not have her. After hours of trying to sleep more than thirty minutes at a time Angelo finally just got up out of bed. He decided to go downstairs to the kitchen to get a glass of milk. As Angelo walked out his room and down the long staircase he could hear commotion in the kitchen. He heard the sound of cabinets opening and closing. He heard glasses clinking and silverware being fumbled with. When he got to the bottom of the stairs he paused because he just knew it was Alejandro. He didn’t really want to talk to Alejandro at the moment, he thought Angelo was being possessive of Camilla and they were not even dating. To Angelo’s surprise when he entered the kitchen it was not Angelo who was in there making all the noise it was Camilla.

I Know Your Type 1.12

Chapter 1 1.12 The Itch: Poison
Dawn had a plan she wasn’t going to be hurt or tricked again. If she was going to get involved with Dylan again she was going to take some precautions. Dawn took a couple quick bites of her food as the waitress went to get the to go boxes. Then Dawn finished off her margarita. Dylan couldn’t stop smiling he was so happy Dawn was taking him back. The waitress came back with two to go boxes, a paper bag and the check then sat them on the table. Dylan pulled two hundred dollars out of his wallet and gave it to the waitress. “Keep the change” Dylan said. Thank you the waitress said. “You guys have a nice day and please come again” she said as she curtsied then walked away. Dylan began to put their food into the to go boxes then into the large paper bag. Are you ready? he asked Dawn. “Yes” she said as she grabbed her purse and slide her chair from underneath the table. As Dawn stood up Dylan stood up too and took hold of her hand while he held the bag of food …

Dirty Little Bitches 1.12

Chapter 1 1.12 Best Frenemy: Two Can Play That Game
Raquel stopped to get coffee on her way to work at her favorite coffee shop. She was craving a vanilla latte. She was unusually happy today even though she hadn’t spoken to Aaliyah yet. Raquel pulled up to the drive thru of the coffee shop and ordered a large vanilla latte. As she pulled around to the drive thru window her cell phone rang. Raquel looked down at her phone and saw it was the office calling her. Hello? She said as she answered the phone. Yes Ms. Thomas this is HR and we need to you come in as soon as possible we have a problem regarding your employment a voice said on the phone. Okay Raquel said confused. I’m on my way now she added and hung up the phone. Raquel paid for her coffee and quickly pulled out of the coffee shop’s parking lot. She wondered what was this all about, she had been at this job for seven years. Then it came to her it was Aaliyah. Aaliyah had gotten her fired over the Dominic situation. Raquel was mad…

Where He Brought Me From 1.12

Chapter 1 1.12 More Than What We Are: Edge on the Competition
The sunlight shined through Jessica’s bedroom window right into her eyes waking her up. It was the morning of the competition at Rockcity Rapland and she had waken up before her alarm clock went off. She wanted to go over her song before she took it in today to make sure it was perfect. Jessica got out of bed the went and sat in front of her keyboard. As she sat down she yawned and stretched her arms out over her head. She begun to play her song and sing-a-long softly. She sung the song one time through and begin to wonder  what would make it better. Jessica thought about it for awhile and decided it was perfect. Just as she got up from her keyboard her alarm started to go off. Jessica quickly turned off her alarm then went to take a shower. She turned on the shower and stepped in. As she let the water run over her body she began to sing her song. She was ready for the competition, she was confident that she would win. 

Asia Tao and The Essence of the Dragon 1.12

Chapter 1 1.12 Ancient Artifacts: Mom and Dad
Asia you have to be careful now a lot of people wanted this power and they will come looking for it, especially Chin Ho’s ancestors. I never found out what happened to your parents Asia but I continue to look everyday her aunt said. So I harnessed the essence of the dragon and now there’s some kind of supernatural force out there born just to destroy me or be my ally, but we aren’t sure which one? What’s going to happen to me? Asia asked. You just have to be prepared for whatever happens her aunt said. So what now? Asia asked. Well we wait until you get all your powers and try to keep this under wraps. Powers can be very unpredictable brought on by intense emotions so you have to learn to control your emotions to learn to control your powers. Asia sat and stared off into space for a moment, she was deep thought then the sound of her stomach growling snapped her back into the present. Well all this crazy is making me hungry, what’s for dinner…


Up all night
Can’t find a man to do me right
I’m lovesick again
Why do you always fill me up
Dark liquor in my cup
Then leave me on the floor
When I let you in 
Stupid silly girl
Looking through rose colored glasses
Can you smell the whiskey I’m swimming in
Drowning all my problems 
From blank to written pages
Drunken words of wisdom
Spilling out in nights of sin
Sipping on Vodka Tonic
On my last cigarette
I got a lean to my walk
But the night isn’t finished yet

Drunk on love
Hey baby fill me up
Running on empty
Bottles empty 
Looks like
I’m sober again

I smell the morning dew
Love waking up to you
Tell me what your is name
The night is slipping my brain
I only love for the moment
The minutes and moments we’re in
I could never love you forever
I’m coming to again
See she don’t listen to reason
Late nights she will find friend 
At the bottom of a lonely bottle
The spirits seeping in
Memories of short lived days
Slowly start to fade away
When I lift my cup and let the music play
Let my words slur
I can’t feel my …

Codename: Bonnie and Clyde 1.11

Chapter 1  1.11 Terrible Twosome: Meet the Family
Jeff led Angelica and Daniel up three flights of stairs to the apartment. Jeff took a key out of his pocket and opened the door. Jeff entered the apartment first as Angelica and Daniel quietly followed. Now this entire apartment building is just for Kimura’s staff Jeff said. That’s why the apartment building is so close to his other businesses he added.  Your rent will be also be prorated for being an employee Jeff told them. The apartment was huge and very expensive looking. It was already completely furnished and decorated. Daniel took a small device out of his pocket and held it in his hand so it wouldn’t be detected. He walked around the entire apartment the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, the living room and the dining room scanning for surveillance devices. The scanner showed that the apartment was filled with audio devices. Daniel knew Kimura had a reason for putting all of his employees in one building, it was easier to keep …