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Rockcity Rapland 1.10

Chapter 1
1.10 The Business: Love and War

Alejandro led Angelo down a long hallway to a room with huge double doors. Alejandro turned the door knob and walked inside the enormous room. He sat Angelo’s bag on the floor and proceeded to show him around. There was a California king bed in the center of the room with a canopy and a big crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Right in front of the bed hung a fifty-five inch flat screen television. Off to the side of the bed sat a vast wooden dresser with a mirror. Next to the dresser was a door that led to a walk-in closet. The walk-in closet was filled with dozens of shelves and clothing racks. In the back of the closet there was another door that led to a bathroom with a walk-in shower and Jacuzzi tub. There was his and her sinks and a separate room for the toilet. The room was decadent, everything was trimmed in gold. The floors were heated and made of Italian marble. Go ahead and get washed up dinner is in fifteen minutes Alejandro told Angelo. You will meet Camilla at dinner he said as he left the room.
Alejandro left Angelo’s room and shut the door. He walked down the hallway fast and angry to Camilla’s room. When he got to Camilla’s door he knocked twice. Camilla! He called. Camilla jumped up off her bed and went to answer the door. Yes she said as she slowly opened her bedroom door. Get ready for dinner he said. My cousins here he’s going to be staying with us for a while, so wear something nice he told her. Okay she replied sheepishly and shut the door. Alejandro headed downstairs with his thoughts consuming him he wasn’t thrilled about having a chaperone but he was going to make the best of it for the time being.
Camilla was the last one to come down for dinner. Alejandro and Angelo were already sitting at the table. She had on a long sleeveless form fitting black lace gown. When she entered the room Alejandro and Angelo both stood up to greet her. Alejandro pulled out her chair and she sat down as he slide it up to the table. As Angelo sat back in his seat their eyes met and he smiled. Camilla smiled back at Angelo and it was the first real smile she had since she had been there. As Alejandro sat down he caught the way they looked at each other, the look of love in their eyes and it made him jealous. Camilla had never looked at him like that. “Hi I’m Angelo” Angelo said as he reached out to shake her hand. I’m Camilla she replied. If you don’t mind me saying you are very beautiful he told her. Camilla giggled and said thank you. Alejandro gulped down his whiskey and clenched his teeth. He began to stare at Angelo with fury in his eyes. Cousin you didn’t tell me how pretty she was he said to Alejandro with a smile. Alejandro quickly changed the look on his face and laughed. A beauty like hers needs no introduction he replied. Camilla looked over at Alejandro and he was gripping his glass so tight his knuckles were white. She could tell he was forcing the smile on his face. She knew Alejandro liked her but she liked Angelo.

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Rockcity Rapland (Book Trailer)

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