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Rockcity Rapland 1.10

Chapter 1 1.10 The Business: Love and War
Alejandro led Angelo down a long hallway to a room with huge double doors. Alejandro turned the door knob and walked inside the enormous room. He sat Angelo’s bag on the floor and proceeded to show him around. There was a California king bed in the center of the room with a canopy and a big crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Right in front of the bed hung a fifty-five inch flat screen television. Off to the side of the bed sat a vast wooden dresser with a mirror. Next to the dresser was a door that led to a walk-in closet. The walk-in closet was filled with dozens of shelves and clothing racks. In the back of the closet there was another door that led to a bathroom with a walk-in shower and Jacuzzi tub. There was his and her sinks and a separate room for the toilet. The room was decadent, everything was trimmed in gold. The floors were heated and made of Italian marble. Go ahead and get washed up dinner is in fifteen minutes Alejandro …

Lord Forgive Us For We Know Not What We Do

Whispering voices
Heard only in the wind
Always seems to lure me in
As the blood runs cold through my veins
Evil thoughts seep into my brain
There something inside my heart
That’s dark
And it can’t be tamed
You know me
I’m flawed
I’m an outlaw
You know me
I’m not perfect
Low down
Have mercy on me
Lord forgive us
For we know not what we do
Sweet perfection
Destroyed by my fingers
Mountains crumble at my feet
Uprooted trees try to thrive without branches
Utter their painful defeat
I try to grasp beauty
To hold its wonder in my hand
But it slips through my Fingertips
Like single grains of sand
I’m but brush stroke in a picture
A rain drop in a storm
Yet and still a shark in a river
Of a life that’s been forewarned
You know me
I’m flawed
I’m an outlaw
You know me
I’m not perfect
Low down
Have mercy on me
Lord forgive us
For we know not what we do


© 2013 Aquila Tai…

My Views on Love were Perfected Through Pain

Long kisses
Bare skin
Its lovely how you love me
Entwined without
Entwined within
Late nights
Real shit
Fake fights
Where I end you begin
Straight heaven
In Pure sin
Devoured by the moment
Entwined without
Entwined within
Let me be your muse
Your inspiration
Baby ill be your motivation
Don’t stop you’re almost there
Deep breath
I breathe again
Move to my music
Entwined without
Entwined within
If you could only see what I see
Feel what I feel
The surplus of emotions
From a place that’s truly real
If you knew what I know
Seen where I’ve been
In the Depths of my soul
Entwined without
Entwined within
Swim into a deeper level of existence
A Spiritual connection
Where we have or have not
Is perceived through self reflection
Bare skin
Naked in truth
Real woman
Nappy in root
Still beautiful
No pretend
Appreciate my honesty
Entwined without
Entwined within


© 2013 Aquila Taite

Fill Me Up

Fill me up
With peaceful vapors and liquid happiness
My soul is empty
Fill me up
With meaningless connections
Lost in the wind
A tornado of nothingness
And Soulless faces
My blind eyes search for allies
In divers places
All I know is a bunch of actors and playwrights
All the authentic people got stage fright
Fill me up
With lies and false intentions
Award my enemies
With an honorable mention
Misery keeps me company
Disguised with friendly smiles
Fake well wishers
Concerned faces
Asking invasive questions
Loose lips
Wrong places
Fill me up
Day after day
Empty again
Lost in my way
Prayed for an answer
In silence I lay
Asking redundant questions
All has been revealed
Maybe I can’t except the answers
To hung up on how it feels
Fill me up
With Material possessions
Still just a student trying to teach a lesson
When it all falls down
The most intelligent result to guessing
When everything you own Is an expendable Obsession
Fill me up
With things tha…

I Know Your Type 1.10

Chapter 1 1.10 The Itch: Change of Plans
You what? Dawn asked totally shocked. I still love you Dylan said. I’ve always loved you and seeing you again has made me realize what a big mistake I made he said. I want to try again he told her desperately. What about your fiancĂ©e’? she asked. I mean I love her we been together for a long time he said. Yeah since you cheated on me with her Dawn said as she sipped her margarita. The waitress returned and with a smile asked are you ready to order? We need a couple of more minutes but let us get an appetizer Dylan said. What do you suggest? Dylan asked. The spinach dip and the potato skins are my favorites she said. Give us an order of both he told her. And can I get another strawberry margarita? Dawn asked. Yes ma’am the waitress said and the she walked off to put their order in. Dylan’s confession had put a dent in Dawn’s plan. He was the whole reason she had started down this path. Now he was saying he loved her and he wanted to try again. P…

Dirty Little Bitches 1.10

Chapter 1 1.10 Best Frenemy: Daddy’s Little Girl
Aaliyah was furious inside she couldn’t believe Raquel had the audacity to call her after what she had done. She knew how much Aaliyah loved Dominic but she still tried to seduce him. Raquel was obviously afraid now because Aaliyah was back in town. She hadn‘t succeeded in seducing Dominic so she had no leverage, nothing to hold over Aaliyah’s head. There was nothing she could say to Aaliyah at this point that would make her any less angry. This is delicious Dominic Aaliyah said. Thanks babe I wanted to cook your favorite he replied. So what do you have planned for tomorrow? he asked. I’ having brunch with my father, then I have a much needed spa appointment she said. Well I was hoping we could have dinner tomorrow night Dominic said. Sure babe, are you cooking? She asked with a smile. No not this time he answered. So I was thinking seven and I’ll pick you from your place he told her. Okay she replied. As Aaliyah and Dominic finished d…

Where He Brought Me From 1.10

Chapter 1 1.10 More than what we are: My Boyfriends Back
Jessica was so nervous, she didn’t want to cause a scene on her first date with Kash. Kash could see the concern in her eyes as she began to comb her fingers through her hair. What’s wrong? Kash asked. Nothing Jessica quickly answered. Hey Jessica a manly voice said. Jessica turned to see her ex-husband standing right beside her with a puzzled look on his face. Hi Tyler Jessica said. So how are you? Who’s your friend? Tyler asked. Kash looked at Jessica and saw the uncomfortable look on her face and introduced himself. Hey I’m Kash Torelli her boyfriend he said. Jessica quickly looked at Kash surprised. oh really? Well I’m her husband Tyler replied. Ex-husband Jessica said quickly correcting him. We are still married, did she tell you that? Tyler asked. Yeah but not for long Kash retorted. Now if you don’t mind it was nice meeting you but we are trying enjoy dinner Kash added. Tyler looked at Jessica with anger in his eyes and s…

Asia Tao and The Essence of the Dragon 1.10

Chapter 1 1.10 Ancient Artifacts: The Essence
The ride home was so silent you could hear a pin drop, neither of them said a word. Asia began to think, first all the weirdness with the medallion now a murder. It made her remember her parents and how they disappeared six years ago. She began to get sad and angry then her hands started to feel hot then began to glow red. Asia looked down at her hands they felt like they were on fire. She began to scream and her aunt slammed on breaks. She looked over at Asia and she said astounded you have harnessed the essence of the dragon. What! I’m on fire, put it out make it stop it hurts so bad! She yelled. Calm down Asia and it will go away. Take a deep breathe she told Asia. Asia took a long deep breath and the flames subsided. You knew about the medallion? Why didn’t you say anything? Why didn’t you tell me not to drink it? Am I going to die? Asia asked in a panic. Are you done now? Aunt Angela asked. Yes she replied calmly. O.K I got a lot to tel…

Codename: Bonnie and Clyde 1.9

Chapter 1 1.9 Terrible Twosome: In the Beginning
It was the next morning, Daniel and Angelica were getting packed for their new apartment. They were on the way to get their new cars and interview for their new jobs. As of today they were no longer agent Bonnie and Clyde they were Chanel and Carter. Angelica and Daniel grabbed their bags then headed outside to their cab. They got outside to the cab driven by one of their fellow agents. Daniel grabbed both of their bags and put them into the trunk. Angelica took a deep breath then got into the backseat of the cab and Daniel followed. They drove until they got to a rundown car dealership. Every car at the dealership looked raggedy and old. These cars would be perfect for their aliases. The cab parked in front of the dealership office then Daniel and Angelica got out. They were in character now their walk and everything had changed. They began to look around the dealership at all of the cars, SUVs and trucks. Angelica spotted an old red …

Rockcity Rapland 1.9

Chapter 1 1.9 The Business: Competition
Alejandro looked over to Camilla and said Go up to your room. I’ll have your dinner sent up he said. Camilla looked around the room at all the emotionless faces and in the crowd she saw a dark haired boy who looked about twenty or twenty-one. He was gorgeous, his hair was long and his skin was dark like a Native American. The boy smiled at her and winked as she slowly walked up stairs. She wondered what they were all doing here and she wondered who that boy was. Lets go have a seat in the dining room she heard Alejandro say as she reached the top of the stairs. Camilla continued walking to her room and when she got there she went inside and shut the door. Camilla was scared because if the rest of the mafia was anything like Alejandro this meeting could be very dangerous. Alejandro sat at the head of his dining room table. What‘s the reason for this visit? He asked as picked up a cigar off of the table and lit it. Everyone sat silently around the…

I Know Your Type 1.9

Chapter 1 1.9 The Itch: Still in Love
Dawn needed to get to that phone. She needed to know exactly what Dylan knew. She needed to use her everything in her arsenal to get him off of this case. Dawn knew how to accomplish one of her goals, getting his phone. She knew Dylan’s weaknesses and she knew his strengths. Dawn could use his weaknesses against him to get the information she needed. As they headed out to the car Dylan put his arm around her and smiled. Dawn loved the way his arms felt around her shoulders. It was apparent that Dawn still had feelings for Dylan but she couldn’t let that get in the way of her freedom. She had murdered ten men and had no plans to stop there. She liked to kill now, at first it was a crime of passion but now it was a hobby. She didn’t want her life to change and prison would put a dent in things. When they arrived at the car Dylan politely opened Dawns door. Just as Dylan got in the passenger side he asked so where are you taking me? To my favorite re…

Dirty Little Bitches 1.9

Chapter 1 1.9 Best Frenemy: Home Sweet Home
Aaliyah stepped off the plane into the long corridor that led to the airport terminal. As she arrived at the baggage claim she saw Dominic waiting on her with a dozen roses. She smiled as Dominic began to walk towards her. When he was close enough to touch her he snatched her up in his arms and held her tight. He kissed her on her forehead and said “Baby I missed you”. I missed you too Aaliyah replied. Can you grab my bag? Aaliyah asked. I just got the big suitcase this time she said. Dominic walked over to the baggage claim and looked for her bag. He spotted her Louie Vuitton suitcase and grabbed it. Him and Aaliyah began to leave the airport. With Aaliyah’s suitcase in one hand he held her hand with the other. Dominic was so happy that Aaliyah was back and she was happy to be back but her heart still lingered for her French romance. Dominic had truly missed her and he wanted her first night back to go well. He decided he would go ahead and t…

Where he brought me from 1.9

Chapter 1 1.9 More than what we are: Old Flame Jessica held Kash’s hand and kept her head down as they walked up to the hostess. “Reservations for Torelli” Kash said to the waitress. The hostess looked down at a sheet of paper on the podium and said “yes Mr. Torelli Eva will be your waitress” as she handed a short blonde girl two menus. Right this way the short blonde girl said. The waitress led them to the back of the restaurant to a dimly lit booth next to the kitchen. Jessica was so glad that her good for nothing ex-husband hadn’t seen her. He was a complete asshole. They had gotten married at a young age and it was extremely obvious that he wasn’t ready to be a husband. What can I get you to drink? The waitress asked. Two glasses of water with lemon and two glasses of your most expensive wine Kash answered. Jessica was impressed she never had a man order for her before. Kash was such a gentleman, it was so unbelievable to Jessica that a man could be so nice. Okay I’ll be right ba…

Asia Tao and The Essence of the Dragon 1.9

Chapter 1 1.9 Ancient Artifacts: Motive
I’m so happy this long day has finally ended, Asia thought. She and Soo Yun walked out the front of the school to meet her aunt. She couldn’t wait to tell her aunt that she made a friend and that this school wasn’t that bad after all. Asia stood on the steps of the building and looked for her aunt while laughing hysterically at Soo Yun’s impression of April when she saw Jerry hand her that note. Then Asia spotted her aunt she was was pulling around to the front of the school Asia began to wave when she heard a bloodcurdling shrill scream and a loud thud. She whipped around to the sound of the noise to see a boy lying on the pavement. There was a puddle of blood forming around his body cascading out like water all over the ground. He was face down on the cement with his right arm and leg bent behind his body. His hair was disheveled and his clothes were muddled from the fall. He seemed to have fallen out of the fourth story window. There was a wind…

Codename: Bonnie and Clyde 1.8

Chapter 1 1.8 Terrible Twosome:Ready or Not
Angelica laughed and said wait until you see me dance. She stood up off of his lap and swung her hair over her shoulder and dropped down into a split. Then she brought her head down to touch the floor and slowly began to crawl towards the dance pole. As she got close enough to grab the pole she positioned she body in a squat and grabbed the pole with one hand. Angelica slowly stood up leading with her legs as her head slowly followed. Then with her back turned to Daniel she began to sway her body side to side like a snake. Next she swung her hair over her shoulder and looked back at Daniel. Can I get some music? She asked with a grin. Yeah he said as he picked up the stereo remote off of the coffee table and turned on the CD player. After Daniel had approved of Angelica’s routine they began to work on a dialect and personality for their aliases. Angelica and Daniel were good it only took them a couple of days to really lose themselves in a cha…

Rockcity Rapland 1.8

Chapter 1 1.8 The Business: The Replacement
Camilla sat in the limo quietly and slide on her shades to hide her tears. The driver started up the car and began to drive. She could feel Alejandro glancing at her every once in a while. Camilla just stared out of the window and never said a word. She hated Alejandro he had ruined her life. Camilla was preparing herself to have to plan for her parents funeral when she hadn’t even gotten over their death. As they arrived at the Bastenelli Funeral Home Camilla began to tremble. She couldn’t believe she was picking out their casket. She was going to have to bury her parents in a couple of days and she was trying to be strong but Camilla just went numb inside she didn’t want to feel anymore it just hurt to bad. Camilla watched as The driver came around and opened their door. Alejandro got out of the car first and reached out his hand to help Camilla out but she didn’t take it. Camilla got out of the car on her on and walked into the building …

I Know Your Type 1.8

Chapter 1 1.8 The Itch: Looks Can Kill
As Dawn got into her black Range Rover she turned on the radio. On the ride home she got lost in her favorite song and reminisced about when things were simple. When she wasn’t a cold-blooded murder, when she still believed in love. Here she was thirty years old unmarried and childless. She still couldn’t seem to find a good man. Dawn had become so angry over the years that she just gave up on love. The twenty minute drive to her house went by so fast that it only seemed like she had been driving for five minutes. She pulled in the driveway of her huge empty house and sluggishly got out of the car. Dawn went into the house and went straight into the kitchen to have a drink. She grabbed a wine glass filled it with ice and sat down at her bar. She began to pour vodka in her glass. Once the glass was filled to the top she took a big gulp then headed up stairs to take a shower. Dawn walked into her room and threw her purse onto her bed as she headed t…

Dirty Little Bitches 1.8

Chapter 1 1.8 Best Frenemy: Dirty Little Secret
Raquel knew Aaliyah’s dirty little secret she had been keeping. She knew that when Aaliyah went on long modeling jobs she would hook up with a French male model. She knew that Aaliyah loved him and that she only stayed with Dominic out of loyalty. It also didn’t hurt that he was rich, her father loved him and he saw their marriage as a good business move. She knew that Aaliyah had been having this affair for two years and she knew that if Dominic ever found out he would not be as forgiving as Aaliyah had been. Aaliyah was coming for Raquel and she knew it but this time she was prepared to fight back. Dominic had cleaned up and started dinner with time to spare so he decided to go the airport a little early. He was very nervous on his way to airport, he griped the steering wheel of his Lamborghini so tight that his knuckles turned white. He knew he had to tell Aaliyah about Raquel he just didn’t know how or when. Dominic pulled into the air…

Where he brought me from 1.8

Chapter 1 1.8 More than what we are: Date From Hell (part 2)
Jessica looked down at the necklace around her neck and smiled. She was having the time of her life and the night had just begun. Kash made her feel special, and it was a new amazing feeling for her. He was a perfect gentleman at all times, opening doors and showering her with expensive gifts. Would you like some champagne? Kash asked as he grabbed the champagne from out of the ice. Yes Jessica answered shyly. Jessica watched as Kash poured her a glass of champagne. She looked at his chiseled facial features and his muscular frame. He was gorgeous, he looked like a model and every time he smiled could feel her heart melt a little. Kash handed her a glass of champagne and she took a sip. So where are we going? She asked. I know this amazing Japanese restaurant downtown you would love he replied. Its called Kimuras he said as he took a gulp of champagne. That real expensive hibachi and sushi bar? Jessica asked. Yeah you know it?…

Asia Tao and The Essence of the Dragon 1.8

Chapter 1 1.8 Ancient Artifacts: Yin and Yang  The entire time back in locker room April and her goons kept peering over at Asia and snickering. Childish isn’t? Soo Yun asked. Yes definitely Asia replied. It’s only going to get worse Asia, that girl is evil and she hates competition.

Out on the track someone was feeling Asia’s pain. His entire body hurt so bad he could barely finish a lap all of his muscles ached. He was the fastest person in the school he was the quarterback of the football team he thought. Why can’t I run today? He wondered. Just as he asked himself that question he shot off like a bullet around the track. He did ten laps before he could stop running. He examined his classmates to see if any one noticed but everyone was doing their own thing oblivious to what had just happened. First fangs then claws and now this he said to himself. I’m either turning into a werewolf or I’m going crazy he reasoned as he ran to the locker room to get dressed.

Asia’s next class was …